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If you are truly hardcore, here is a list of the most popular articles going back to 2010. This list will allow you to get up to speed a little faster without having to read more than 900 pieces. These are the classics:

Leveraged ETFs Portfolio - 2019 Results

Should I sell Options during Low Volatility environments?

Podcasts for Traders and Investors

Trading Scam Artists

Ethical Investing - The Pitfalls

Passive Investing on Steroids

The CBOE CNDR Index and what it says about the last few years

Options Trading reflections (2017 Edition) 

Volatility and Leveraged instruments to Lazily beat the markets (Part 4)

Volatility and Leveraged instruments to Lazily beat the markets (Part 3)

Volatility and Leveraged instruments to Lazily beat the markets (Part 2)

Volatility and Leveraged instruments to Lazily beat the markets (Part 1)

How has your trading style changed? Is there still potential for a +30% year?

A Trading Estimations exercise for the Credit Spreads trader

Introducing the Unbalanced Elephant 

First World Problems

Options Trading reflections (2016 Edition) 

How to conduct quick and effective Fundamental Analysis (through MorningStar)

Capitalism Baby! (How using non-compounded returns can actually make you look better)

The Lie (are you always reducing risk by investing in an index?)

ETF Rotation systems - ranking evaluation with Excel

Do it Yourself

The Practice - Is Paper Trading totally useless?


The Iron Elephant options trading strategy (my own invention for option traders)

Choosing the width of my Spread: should I use 5, 10, 25 points?

The Numbers Don't Lie


Impatient Sniper - A Profitable Gold trading strategy

The Torture

Frustration (Mentally dealing with extended draw-downs)

Trading Innocence (The things that hurt new traders)

No you don't (why being a contrarian and selling OTM options make sense)

Smallness: the case against trading excessively small

Cons of Index Funds: The case against Passive Index Investing

The Guru

Trading Competition (A serious and responsible trading contest)

What is the end goal? (Announcing my move to the US)

All traders go to heaven

The story of the Mexican Fisherman and the American Investment Banker

Cataclysm (Why Options trading newsletters eventually blow up)

Why I stopped tracking Forex trading results via MyFXBook

The Crossroad (Readers decide the destiny of this site with their vote)

Reassurance (Dealing with lack of confidence)

Short Put vs Buy and Hold

The Markets and My Empty Fridge (Overcoming trading addiction)

The daily fluctuations of your easily influenced mood

Getting ready to defend. No reason to panic

tastytrade - an unbiased review

Profitable Forex Strategies - 2015 results

Profitable Forex Strategies - 2014 results

Alternatives for selling Out of the Money Credit Call spreads

Should options sellers pay attention to fundamentals?

My interview on the OptionAlpha podcast

ETF Rotation systems to beat the markets

A basic Dividend Growth oriented Canadian Investment Portfolio

Efficient Currency exchange for Canadians

50 Day Breakout system with 50 SMA - 100 SMA crossover confirmation

A website for finding out about trading services/newsletters

Importing a Custom McClellan Oscillator into the ThinkOrSwim platform

Canadians at a disadvantage when trading US markets

How to save some money in Forex trades

Calculating Implied volatility using Excel

Forex Rebellion doesn't work

New auto-trade platform for Forex traders provided by

Useful resources for learning about mechanical trading systems

Covered Call vs Buy and Hold. Performance comparison

Forex Price Action vs Indicators. Which one is better?

Arbitrage in Forex explained

Options strategies for low implied volatility environments

Trading Forex vs Stocks. Which one offers better chances of long term profitability?

How to evaluate and choose a trading newsletter

Design of a EURUSD Donchian breakout strategy with proven statistical edge

A simple strategy that beats most traders

Measuring Portfolio's performance

Trading with realistic expectations

Commissions schemas offered by the most popular Canadian online discount Brokers

An expectancy analysis of Regular MACD Divergences for the EURUSD currency pair

How much capital do you need to trade for a living?

Useful resources for an Income Trading System based on selling Options

How to measure a system's edge

How to lock in profits on an options trade and stay in the position

Portfolio Beta-Weighted

Two ways to protect Iron Condors from a Flash Crash

The three legged box explained

Repair a Call option by rolling to a Debit Call spread

Locking profits on a Vertical Spread

Tips for reviewing Expert Advisors

How to adjust or roll a Credit Spread

Risk/Reward, Profit Factor and Profitability of Trading Strategies

Why ZuluTrade is a bad idea

Profiting from Delta Neutral trading

Use a Credit spread or a Debit spread

Analysis of Currency pairs in groups

How to adjust a Double Calendar spread

Amazing Crossover system. Expert Advisor

BookingAlpha & OptionAlpha. A breath of fresh air

The Media and Market's noise

Automated Stock trading with Prodigio RTS

Market Manipulation by Smart Money. Really? I mean...REALLY?

Option's price fluctuation

GPS Forex robot team lies

The truth about the GPS Forex robot

How much money is enough?

Tip to close an Iron Condor Part 2

Tip to close an Iron Condor Part 1

Different ways to adjust an Iron Condor

Do Forex robots really work?