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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Option's price fluctuation

Options price fluctuations

I always wanted to know the price fluctuations of a specific option on a stock, both intra day and longer terms. This is pretty basic information but for some reason most Brokers' trading stations don't offer that feature (If ThinkOrSwim doesn't I bet most don't offer it either). This might help you...

Here is the link
Once on that page scroll down to where it says "Find an Option Chain" and type the ticket you are interested in. Let's type AAPL for example and hit enter. Bellow is a screen shot of what you will get.

(Click on Image to enlarge)

And from here you can click on "quote" to the right of the option contracts you are interested in. So if I click on "quote" besides the September 380 PUT I get the price fluctuation of the 380 Put contracts in the last 5 days, notice underneath the chart, you can click on 1d (for price action in one day) and other time frames.

And now I can finally see how the price of the September 380 Puts has changed over time. Pretty cool huh?

Now, in order not to be clicking on so many things, I'll give you a short cut. Use the following url pattern But use the space where it says AAPL as a place holder where you enter the ticker of the stock you are interested in. You can save some time doing it this way :)

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