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Friday, October 25, 2019

December RUT Elephant

Trade Details:

4 Dec RUT 1410/1400 Credit Put spread @0.70 credit each
2 Dec RUT 1660/1670 Credit Call spread @1.00 credit each

3 Dec IWM 167 Long Calls @0.28 debit each

Monday, October 21, 2019

December SPX Unbalanced Iron Condor

Trade Details:

8 December SPX 2720/2725 Credit Put spread @0.35 credit each
1 December SPX 3160/3170 Credit Call spread @1.00 credit

The Put side is 5-points wide this time due to liquidity issues. I wasn't getting the fill on a 2715/2725 spread. So, I went with a 5-point wide (2720/2725) and doubled the number of spreads. Risk-wise it is almost as if I was trading my usual   4 to 1  (4 Put spreads vs 1 Call spreads both 10-point wide)