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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Three Legged Box explained

Morning folks! Take a look at my recent article about The Three Legged Box technique at Options Trading IQ. This is my first collaboration with another web site and I am pleased to start with Gavin, who has been trading the markets for 8 years and is focused on trading options in a similar way to the style we have followed on our site for the last months. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Taking a tropical break

I will soon be traveling to my mother land: Cuba ladies and gentlemen!

The trip is planed for the second half of April and consequently I will stop entering trades in order to leave 100% in cash as I will have very limited internet connectivity there.

The May portfolio, therefore won't reflect any position and trading will continue using June positions when I'm back in May.

Locking profits with the Box Spread

The Box Spread is a strategy where two vertical spreads (one using calls and one using puts) with opposite bias are entered in the same strike prices.

For example, On March the 9, you could have bought an SPY April 138/140 Bull Call Spread  for 0.94 debit. And at the same time the 140/138 Bear Put Spread for a debit of 1.06.