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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Taking a tropical break

I will soon be traveling to my mother land: Cuba ladies and gentlemen!

The trip is planed for the second half of April and consequently I will stop entering trades in order to leave 100% in cash as I will have very limited internet connectivity there.

The May portfolio, therefore won't reflect any position and trading will continue using June positions when I'm back in May.

If I weren't making this trip I would be looking forward to opening May positions this week or next, taking into account that we are 44 days away form expiration. a.k.a my sweet spot. But, as much as I love the markets it is not prudent at all to enter May positions if I'm going to be away from computers for two weeks.

The only remaining position in the April portfolio is the IWM 72/70 Bull Put spread which is looking pretty comfortable even though the market has retraced a bit. We are still far enough and getting closer to expiration. Take care and good luck on your trading.

Now take a look at the pics below!! Look at the beauty of those colors!!

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