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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

It never rains but it pours

They were going through a painful divorce. The kind of experience that puts your entire life into perspective. The type of pain that an Iron Condor loss can never get close to. He would spend endless hours thinking,....overthinking. What a mystery love is. It just, can just vanish one day. Just like that. And just like that the trader would spend hours upon hours overthinking a situation whose solution was nowhere to be found.

Appetite became absent. Weight loss visible. Sleep would get affected too. It wasn't long until the lack of productivity could no longer be hidden at work.

Boss: "Why don't you take a break? I do think you need it. Your mind is elsewhere"

Him: "What would I do with a break from work right now? What I need is a break from life"
Boss: "You've been like this for months now kid. We'll have to part ways. The company will help you. You'll be given a 'lay off'. You have been a good soldier to us. You'll receive an unemployment check from the government every month. Drop by HR, it's all been spoken. I wish you good luck."

and off he went.

Of course, a couple of short option positions were in play at the time, as usual. But did it really matter? Who cared?
Motivation and Focus had been lost. Losses followed.

Destiny had thrown a failed marriage, yet as if it wasn't enough, much more than that followed: deteriorated health, job loss, trading losses.

Love is so fragile.
Life is so fragile.

Him: "Everything is interconnected in our lifes: personal relationships, work, health, happiness around you. It all leads to a stable and focused individual. Prioritize your private life. Take good care of it, or else the crap tends to pile up. The Sun will come out. It always does."

Lazy Trader: "Thanks Dad"  (Sometime during the year 2013)

Do you find that having order in your daily life outside of the markets affects your trading one way or the other?

- Thanks Eric for suggesting this topic.

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