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Thursday, June 14, 2018

LT Trend Sniper - performance update

At almost the half year mark is as good a time as any to see how the Sniper has been doing in 2018. This is the robot I developed more than five years ago to trade the Forex markets, in particular, the EUR/USD pair and XAU/USD (spot gold vs US dollar).


Three trades so far.
The robot has been pretty successful trading the Euro this year. A scratch to begin. Then a Long position from January 15 to February 6 that brought a 3.43% gain. Then a short position that was held for 41 days that brought 446 pips. The hidden benefit here was that when you are short EUR/USD, you are at the same time long the US dollar. When the currency that you are long has a higher interest rate than the currency you are short, you receive a daily interest for holding that position. So, extra income was made in those 41 days which I don't track here for simplicity (besides, the opposite is also true. i.e. you pay an interest when you are long the currency with a lower interest rate).

So far the Sniper is up +14.10% for the year on the EURUSD pair. It has been riding trends (or attempting to) for 74 days, or about 40% of the total time these 6 months. This is a little higher than the historical results (33% of the total time, the Sniper is riding a position), but this is due to the cleanliness of the downtrend ridden with that third trade.



The situation in spot Gold has been different. Only one trade so far and it was a losing one where the account lost 2.25%. Historically, the robot has made 5 trades per year in Gold. So, I'm expecting a more active second half of the year with this instrument.

So far so good. Three trades in the Euro, one trade in Gold. Chances are, we'll see 6 - 7 more trades the rest of the year.

All these results have been obtained with a "Moderate" risk setting. With this setting, the max historical draw-down is around -10% peak to trough. The risk setting only determines the position size of each bet. The strategy is the same. An "aggressive" setting would have returned +18.80% on the EURUSD by now, and a "Very Aggressive" setting +23.50% at this point. The draw-back of these settings is that losses are also magnified. For instance, the -2.25% performance in Gold, would be -3% and -3.75% with the "Aggressive" and "Very Aggressive" settings respectively.

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