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Saturday, April 6, 2019

LT Trend Sniper system - Q1 2019 Results

Quick review of what the LT Trend Sniper robot did during Q1 of 2019.
But before that, a quick glance at the Barclays Currency Traders Index shows us the benchmark performance year to date is at +0.60%

Below is the trading activity of the Sniper in Q1

Four trades in total, one in the Euro and three in Gold. The year started off very well when by late February only Gold had been traded and the account was up 6.35%. But then that loss in March came while trading the Euro, reducing the return Year to Date to +3.35%. Still, much better than the benchmark.

On average, the robot makes 11 trades per year: 6 in the Euro, 5 in Gold. Based on this, I would expect the robot to be more active in the Euro and less so in Gold during the rest of the year.

So, far so good. +3.35% for a quarter is a decent start. Nothing out of this world according to the back-tests, but better than the benchmark by far. A similar pace the rest of the year would result in a +13.4% year (bellow the historical average of +15%). Just as a reminder this is with the "Moderate" risk setting. With the "Aggressive" and the "Very Aggressive" risk settings, the size of the bets are larger, amplifying these returns, but also suffering larger draw-downs when they come.

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