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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Leveraged Portfolio - Q1 Results

After a bad 2018, the Leveraged Portfolio has come back with major force.

UPRO: Bullish 3x leveraged S&P500
ZIV: Inverse VIX midterm volatility ETN
TMF: Bullish 3x leveraged 20-year bonds (TLT)

The portfolio is up +24% for the year. All the components are up YTD and now that interest rates will no longer be increased, I expect that the 3x bond component of the portfolio can be a real winner by year end. Of course replicating a +24% growth per quarter is unrealistic. When back-tested, the triple leveraged portfolio's best year was +52.7%.

Due to its aggressiveness, this portfolio carries a small balance, to which I will add $5,000 at the beginning of every year while re-balancing. I don't want to add more because despite its positive bias, boy it is a very wild ride almost daily.

For more information on the Leveraged Portfolio Approach read the Volatility and Leveraged Instruments to Lazily beat the markets series

For the results page after going live with this idea, consult the Leveraged Portfolio Results page.

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