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Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Portfolio Analysis (07-23-2012)

Back from a much needed relaxation time with the family in the US. The two positions on the July portfolio expired worthless last week for full profit.

The SPX 1415/1420 Bear Call spread, expired with no drama, very far from the breakeven point. For a 0.90 profit on 4.10 margin, for a 21.95% return on margin.

The SPY 118/116 Bull Put spread also expired for full profit, 0.32 credit on a 1.68 margin for a 19.05% return on margin.

The July expiration cycle has been the most profitable one so far, with an 8.15% return before commissions and a 7.64% return after commissions on the whole portfolio assuming a very unfavorable schema of $1.50 per contract.

With this result, the track record so far is showing, 21 winners, 3 losers, and a +34.78% return un 8 months.

As for the August expiration cycle, the RUT 860/870 Bear Call spread is looking pretty comfortable and I don't expect activity on it this week.

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