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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

August RUT Credit Call Spread

SELL 3 RUT August 860 Call (@3.20)
BUY 3 RUT August 870 Call (@2.00)

Credit: $1.20 (1.20 * 100 * 3 = $360)
Margin: $8.80 (8.80 * 100 * 3 = $2640)

Break-even point(s): 861.20 (Currently at 808, RUT index would need to go up around 53 points in the next 45 days to cause a loss. That's about a 6% increase)
Probability of success: 80.75%
Days to expiration: 45
Max return on margin: 13.64%
Commissions: $9.00 (Assuming a very unfavorable $1.50 per contract)

Order execution:
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Profit picture:
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Basically, RUT would have to make a new high for the year in order for this position to be a loser.

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 I'm playing it based on how "slow" summer markets tend to be. If the markets rally hard, and RUT hits 855 I will be adjusting this position.

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  1. Since the RUT has climbed close to where an adjustment maybe necessary next week (if it continues to climb)how do you plan to adjust? I need help in understanding that because I have the same trade although I got in around 822 and it still looked pretty safe at the time.
    Thanks for your time.


  2. Hey Changis,
    Take into account that this trade was an August expiration trade, that was opened on July 3. Which means this position is over by now.

  3. I think your intention was to comment on this article instead which is the RUT 860/865 that expires in September. I'm going to go there and leave my thoughts on a possible adjustment