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Welcome to The Lazy Trader.

If you are new to the markets and you just want to start learning, you can download my 4 introductory guides entirely free by entering your email on the box to the right. These guides are written in an easy to understand language and are concise and straight to the point so that you clearly understand the concepts and shorten your learning curve. You will receive the following guides:

1-The easiest way to understand Options Trading (12 pages)
Options trading is the subject of the majority of the content posted here at The Lazy Trader and for a good reason: Options are my most stable and consistent source of income in the markets.

2-Understanding Forex. A basic strategy (6 pages)
How to profit from currency exchange fluctuations. I love Forex, especially the fact that it can be traded with automated robots that monitor the markets 24 hours a day.

3-Invest and retire before you die (30 pages)
The classic form of investing in companies for dividends and capital growth.

4-ETF Rotation Systems to beat the Market (18 pages)
More advanced way of investing using momentum techniques and ETFs as vehicle.

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