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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Sharing more strategies and results

From the beginning this site has been about sharing and learning as much as possible, rather than showing off my heroism in the financial markets. In the same way that you may have learned a thing or two from me, I have learned a lot over the years thanks to the feedback of like-minded readers from all over the world. Without a question, this site has done wonders to my own education as an Investor and Trader.

A way to say thank you (and also for me to keep learning), is to simply share more, even though "sharing" increases the commitment and the risks of looking dumb from time to time.

The Results page has been modified.
It used to contain only results of my Options Trading activity (Credit Spreads, Iron Condors, Elephants) and Forex. This is the new look:

The new categories of results being tracked are:

Leveraged Portfolio
Some readers asked whether I would invest in leveraged instruments after writing a series on the topic in late 2017. The answer is Yes. The plan is to put 10K to work in a combination of UPRO + ZIV + TMF and hopefully inject 10 additional grand every year for an entire decade. Contrary to popular dogma, I'm indeed willing to hold triple-leveraged instruments for the long run. It'll be interesting to see how this experiment evolves.

Enhanced Investing
Some readers know I invest in companies for the long run. Both Canadian and American companies.  But rather than just buying, holding and collecting dividends, with Enhanced Investing I intent to generate additional income via Covered Calls on companies I already own and Cash Secured Puts on companies that I would like to own at cheaper prices. This is a real 20K amount currently being used for this purpose. It is a margin account where I have 2x1 buying power. So, I can control 40K worth of investments. I chose tastyworks as the broker for this one due to its cheap commissions. I have no immediate plans for the future of this activity. I guess, depending on how it goes, I will inject more or less capital in the future but don't have a number set in mind yet.

Dividend Growth Investing
Finally, some 'good old' Buy & Hold. In this case my Canadian TFSA Account (ROTH IRA Equivalent for US readers). No more room is accumulated in this account as I don't reside in Canada anymore. There is not much going on here other than collecting dividends and investing the accumulated cash every four or five months. The benchmark in this case is the Canadian TSX Index as all the names are listed in the Toronto Stock Exchange and belong to Canadian companies mostly operating in Canada. So, it wouldn't make sense to benchmark against something like the S&P.

Due to my need to have a life and stay sane, I won't be constantly writing about the progress in these accounts. The pages will simply be there, with results getting updated almost entirely automatically thanks to the magic of Google Documents spreadsheets. I may talk about them from time to time here on the blog but without a formal commitment of once per week/month, etc.

I thought of adding a session about Cryptos too, but then I realized I would lose my manhood and hair if I exposed myself to one hundred extra emails per day. So, I'm skipping that for now.

Like I've said in the past: there is no need to be tied to one single way of investing or trading. Being open is perhaps one of the best things you can do in the financial markets. Open to ideas, open to exploring different approaches, open to criticism.


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