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Saturday, April 12, 2014

June 2014, RUT Credit Put Spread

Stimulated by the blood bath in RUT the last 9 days, I opened the first June position of the year. Normally I don't go that far in time (69 days to exp.) But in this case I didn't want to miss what seems to be a good opportunity and because I already have a May 1000/1010 RUT Credit Put spread, I wanted to diversify the exposure using a different month.

Here goes the trade:
Sell 2 RUT 930 June Put @5.60
Buy 2 RUT 920 June Put @5.00
Net Credit: 0.60 ($120 in 2 per leg)
Days to expiration: 69

Here's RUT for future reference, and the little yellow lines represent my current Credit Put spreads diversified over the prices spectrum and over different expiration cycles.
April 1055/1060
May 1000/1010
June 920/930
(Click on image to enlarge)
Oh boy, do I hate this kind of exposure!

Fortunately the April one is going away in 6 days. As of now I don't plan to hold the June 920/930 to expiration, but lock in a winner early as there's too much time to expiration.

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  1. Hi Henrik,

    Typo here:

    Sell 2 RUT 930 April Put @5.60
    Buy 2 RUT 920 April Put @5.00

    You mean June not April. That is a pretty good position as it is 16% away from current price.

    You probably nailed the bottom of this minor sell-off today. I think we go up next week on IWM/RUT as it is oversold now. I got in a bit early but I was following my rules to sell credit put spreads when IWM is down 4% from its 10-day high. The next time I am planning to sell some more credit put spreads is if we can get below 109.

    My current IWM holdings:

    April 108/106 - making me nervous but I think it will survive next week
    May 104/102 - added more contracts to this position yesterday. had this spread for a while now
    June 98/96 - brand new position that I started last Friday. I am thinking of adding to it next week

    On my other account, I have the following:

    May 102/100
    June 96/94

  2. Thanks for the correction Jonathan.
    Your 108/106 is not that bad. I think we're due for a rest this week. When would you adjust it if need be?
    The rest of them look good.


  3. If we go below 109, I will adjust. I will be playing this one pretty close. Believe it or not, when I put on this position, it was less than 10 delta. So IWM has come down a long way from its recent high. I hate to smoke the hopium but I have a feeling we will stabilize next week and not go down below 110. If my analysis is incorrect, I will be adjusting this position.