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Thursday, March 21, 2013

April SPX Bear Call Spread - some damage control

Today I closed the SPX 1580/1585 Bear Call Spread for 1.15 debit. This spread was originally entered for 0.45 credit and 4 contracts per leg. So, it is a loss of 0.70 * 4 = $280. Normally, I wouldn't have closed this spread. But as I'm flying to Cuba, with zero connectivity down there, it was a necessity to do some damage control here.

At the same time I entered a Bull Put Spread, also using April options. Strike Prices 1445/1440 for 0.30 credit.

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  1. Hello, very good blogg about options trading !! keep writing !!
    Greetings from Poland !

  2. Thanks man! Glad to have you as a reader