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Monday, January 13, 2020

Long term investing in 2019 - Canadian Portfolio

Back to the TFSA Account I have in Canada (American Roth Equivalent).
This is an interesting account to me because, since I'm no longer a Canadian Resident, I can't inject any more fresh cash to this account. So, whatever it grows is from pure stocks appreciation, dividends and of course dividends reinvestments.

2019 was a good year. 
I failed to beat the TSX index for the first time, but the market was nicely up, so I don't really care.

2019 Starting Balance: $33,121.27
2019 Ending Balance:  $40,028.26

Performance: +20.8%

The XIU Etf was, by comparison, up 21.8% for the year. I don't complain. It was a good year anyways.

Here's the portfolio at the end of the year (2019)

Dividends collected throughout 2019: $1,596.85
This is up 15.3% from the $1,384.52 collected in 2018

Changes in the Portfolio:

- Added to Enbridge (ENB.TO)

- Added to Telus (T.TO)

- Added to Suncor (SU.TO)

Going Forward:

I am fine holding all of the 11 names currently in the portfolio. This has become a very low maintenance account. Which I like. In 2020 I'll just add to existing positions, but it will depend on their valuations once I reach $500 in cash from dividends. So, I should make 3 purchases during the year.
Thanks for reading!

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