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Saturday, August 9, 2014

TFSA account with Questrade

My long term investing activity takes place with Questrade, a Canadian online discount broker. They offer cheap commissions for stock trading ($4.95 per trade regardless of number of shares) which is pretty good and they have a trading platform (IQ Edge) which is free to use and has all I need for the purposes of long term passive investing (I don't think it is competent enough for active options trading [specially the $9.99 fee per order fill], but for passive investments it is fine).

Questrade, for whatever reason doesn't open TFSA accounts for non-Canadian Citizens. (TFSA = Tax Free Savings Account which would be the equivalent to a Roth IRA in the United States). As a permanent Canadian Resident I did have the right to a TFSA but I always wanted to move it over to Questrade which was impossible as I was only a permanent resident....until this week. I finally became a Canadian Citizen after 5 brutal winters and lots of great experiences in this awesome land. I have $31332 as contribution room in this account and I will be maxing it out in Questrade during the next few months investing in Canadian dividend growers for the long term.

I immediately sent $20000 to Questrade and deployed almost $4500 of them this week. I purchased 45 shares of Emera at $33.78; 35 shares of Suncor Energy at $42.87 and 26 shares of TD Bank at $56.55. The TSX Index has been on a tear for the last few months and people have been fearing a correction for some weeks now. I know I didn't purchase these shares are optimal bargain like prices. Specially Suncor and TD. I'm very happy with the purchase of Emera at that level. If we finally get a 10% correction or whatever the final number is, I will average down on these positions by deploying new capital at those more attractive levels. In the mean time I will reap the rewards and will add these three positions to my little army of dividend payers. With these 3 additions, my yearly dividend income is now $767.60 (CAD) plus $381.68 (USD). That's around a hundred bucks each month without doing anything!

I'm now invested in 10 Canadian companies and 7 American ones. Inside this TFSA account I will only invest in Canadian stocks in order to avoid the 15% withholding tax charged to the dividend received from American companies. I would like to add Royal Bank of Canada, Enbridge and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce at some point.

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  1. Hi LT, I have all my accounts with RBC, I'm just wondering, what do you think about invest long term(passive mode) with their RBC Direct Investment tools?

    1. First off, note that I dont have experience with RBC Direct Investing.
      However, looking at their fees alone I would go with Questrade. Here's a link to RBC's Direct Investing fees

      They charge you maintenance fees if you have less than 15000 in assets.
      Typical commission is $9.95 vs $4.95 with Questrade. They charge you for buying ETFs, which is free with Questrade.
      The only reason I would be with RBC Direct Investing is if you are not a Canadian Citizen, in which case Questrade will not be willing to open a TFSA account for you.

      Again, I have not used RBC Direct first hand. Just judging by the costs.
      My experience with Questrade has been really good.