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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

October 2014 RUT Iron Condor

Today I entered the first position of the October 2014 expiration cycle:

Here are the details:

Buy 2 RUT October 1020 Put @4.02
Sell 2 RUT October 1030 Put @4.58
Sell 2 RUT October 1230 Call @3.18
Buy 2 RUT October 1240 Call @2.08

Credit received: 1.66 ($332 for 2 contracts per leg)
Max risk: 8.34 ($1668 for 2 contracts per leg)
Days to expiration: 59
Probability of success: 78%

As usual, here's the chart of RUT for future reference:
(Click on image to enlarge)
Yellow horizontal lines representing the short strikes of the Iron Condor, a.k.a where I don't want the market to go.

With this trade, this is how the portfolio looks now:

RUT 980/990 Bull Put Spread $120 credit and 30 days to expiration.
SPX 1815/1820/2065/2070 Iron Condor $340 credit and 30 days to expiration
RUT 1020/1030/12340/1240 Iron Condor $332 credit and 59 days to expiration

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  1. I got in the same position. Let see how this goes. I don't like iron condors because it seems like they have a higher tendency to get hit than when we sell during market extremes.

  2. You should have said "Let's " hehehe
    Yes, Iron Condors have a greater tendency to getting hit. But over the long run I think I can extract positive returns from them that become a nice addition to the individual credit spreads. We'll see if that's the case with this one. In any case, no need to obsess over one single particular position.