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Thursday, February 1, 2018

How to set up sound alerts on your email box

If you follow a trading newsletter and you want to be alerted about new incoming emails as soon as they are received, you can set up sound alerts (and visual alerts too). This is a useful tool not only for following a day trading newsletter. Really you can configure it to receive alerts from a particular sender, whoever that person or business is, and whatever your reasons are that require immediacy.

The below procedure works for Gmail and you need to have the Google Chrome web browser installed in your computer.


The first thing you need to do is isolate all incoming communication from the specific source you want to be alerted about. You simply want to create a folder where emails from this person/company flows into, instead of the usual "Inbox".

For this purpose we are going to create a "Label".
I am going to create an "Alex" label, where I want all communication coming from a fictitious "Alex Stan" to flow.

So, just find the "Create new label" link in Gmail.

The following dialog pops up.
I'm going to name my label "Alex" as I said earlier

After clicking "Create", a new "Alex" folder will appear now along with the existing "Inbox", "Important", "Sent Mail", "Trash", etc.

The next step is to find a message that we have received from this person in the past, in order to create the filter rules by which Gmail will move the emails from this person directly into the "Alex" folder from now on:

You simply open the email and click on "Filter messages like these"

In the filter creation process, we are going to check off the following three options:
By clicking on the "Create Filter" button, we are done with this first part. Going forward, any email coming from Alex will go directly to our "Alex" folder (label) instead of staying in "Inbox".


Once we have our Label and Filter created we need to add the Gmail Notifier extension. For that, open up your Google Chrome web browser and navigate to this URL:

This URL may change in the future, in which case you'd have to do a search for Gmail Notifier Google Chrome Extension on the Internet.

Anyways, this is what that page looks like when you hit it:
Just click the "Add to Chrome" button at the top.
The Gmail Notifier web browser extension has now been added to your browser and all we need is to configure it.

Right after adding Gmail Notifier to the Chrome browser, a Gmail icon will be displayed on the top right corner of your browser (Red Arrow). Clicking on it brings up a preview of your currently unread emails:

Click on the Settings button to start configuring the alerts on this thing (Green Arrow).
Note: If your inbox is empty, then clicking on the "Gmail Icon" (Red Arrow) may not bring up the panel with the Settings button. In that case, do a right click instead and on the contextual menu that is shown, click "Options". The result is the same and you end up landing on the Settings page.

In the image below, you see that I specified "alex" as one of the labels I want to receive notifications from:
And that's it!
You can play with tons of options in that Settings page:

- You can select your own alert sound, browsing to a sound file of your own in your PC.

- You can specify how loud you want the alert to be played.

- GMail Notifier displays a visual pop up alert in tandem with the sound alert. This visual alert contains a preview of the email message. You can define how long you want the visual alert to show up for. Setting it to something like 3600 seconds would keep the alert visible for an entire hour.

- You can configure a time based reminder for every X Minutes. So, if you don't check the email, the alert sound will be triggered again until you finally check your email. This, combined with the pop up staying visible guarantees that you eventually learn about the new email, in case you were away form the computer when it came.

Finally, a second test email from the fictitious Alex, and voilĂ :

The alert is displayed near the bottom right corner of your screen, along with the sound. It will show up on top of whatever it is you are doing. There's no way to not see it. Now you don't need to constantly be checking your email anymore.

I hope this helps more than one out there.

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