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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Options Trading Monthly Digest (October, 2017)

Time to reflect Options trading results for the month of October. For the reasons explained here, the focus of these articles will now be the positions whose expiration date took place during the month (as opposed to positions that were closed throughout the month).

Hopefully these monthly updates will provide readers with confidence and serve as an authentic guide of what can be achieved with a realistic and sustainable approach to the business of Selling Options.

It's important to realize that we don't need to double our accounts every year, which entails unsustainable risks. Relatively small portfolios can consistently generate $400, $500, $600 a month, which is meaningful help in the budget of the average family. Whether you want to trade for a living or only as a side activity for supplemental income, you are only truly limited by your own will. How much are you willing to dedicate to studying and training hard? That's all there is to it. And while there is absolutely no guarantee that anyone will achieve any arbitrary numerical return in the future, the fact is: the power of compounding is truly remarkable and can do wonders even with small amounts of money.

Results of October Positions
(Each position links to the article where both entry and exit are discussed)

SPX - Oct 2250/2260 Credit Put Spread (originally part of Unbalanced Iron Condor)
Peacefully reached expiration. A $1,100 profit.

RUT - Oct 1270/1280 Credit Put Spread
IWM - Oct 130 long Puts
Basically the Put side of what was an Elephant initially.
Also reached expiration without hassle, achieving a net gain of $952 dollars.

Total gain of $2,052 for the month. $1,976 after commissions.
In percentage terms this represents a 1.74% growth for the whole account after commissions are factored in.

Year To Date balance per strategy
Note*: Commissions not included in the above table.

The S&P was +15.02% up for the year by October expiration, whereas our portfolio stands at +15.12%.

Thanks for reading.

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