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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Podcasts for Traders and Investors

There is sometimes a tendency to think we have barely any free time in our daily lives anymore. That's partially true. However, I have realized there is always some window of dead time to kill that we can take advantage of on a daily basis. For example, while you are driving to/from work; on your way to a store or a friend's house; when we are taking a shower; doing chores in the house; when working out at the gym; while buying groceries (if you are not being accompanied by anyone of course). All this adds up to several hours every week that can be used to increase your knowledge.

Over the years I have become a podcast aficionado with three main areas of interest: Music/Singing, Sports analysis and of course the Financial Markets (trading and investing) which is the focus of this article.

Below is a list of the Podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis. As you know, I am both an active trader and a long-term investor, so I'm going to break down the list into two groups:

For Traders:

Mostly focused on mechanical (rules based) trading. A good fit for those interested in system design, optimization, curve-fitting, etc.

 Interviews real traders and investors. It is always interesting to see how others, professionals included, go about their craft.

Specialized in Options trading. It covers different strategies, trade re-caps and potential plays for the current market.
I was interviewed on chapter 16 by Kirk on January of 2015.

This is one of the oldest ones in existence. Rob's podcast is mostly focused on Forex trading, but he still takes time every now and then to discuss other potential strategies as well as the usage of other vehicles at different inflection points in the markets. Short episodes of usually less than 10 minutes make it easier to digest.

For Investors:

Animal Spirits

Capital Allocators

Stansberry Investor Hour

The Acquirers Podcast

A very versatile podcast that covers dozens of different investing vehicles, not all of them strictly focused on the stock markets. A real eye-opener.

All these are about more traditional forms of investing in stocks, bonds and indexes, with the additional talk about current market conditions; the main talking topics of the week and some anecdotes here and there. I honestly don't have preference of one over any other.

So, those are the ones I listen to. They don't release episodes daily and that's a good thing. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep up. Some post once a week, others don't have a regular schedule and release one episode every now and them. This list allows me to almost always have something to listen to without being overwhelmed. As a formal disclosure, I don't pay for any service/goods offered by the authors nor am  I including them in this list due to any form of affiliation.

There is something good that can be picked up from these resources, plus the provided entertainment value they offer. In any case, I find it more productive than mindlessly watching TV or listening to music the entire day. You are always learning something, no matter how long you have been trading/investing, and I find that listening to podcasts has enhanced my education greatly.

If you listen to any podcast not included in this list, feel free to comment!


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