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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Enhanced Investing - January 2019 Results

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During the month of January, we got to close 23 Short Puts successfully for a total gain of $752 ($722.79 net after commissions). This is on a small $25,000 account (2:1 margin) with Tastyworks as the broker. Below is a summary of each position that was closed:

No stock assignment took place. There are currently no stock positions and therefore no dividend income either.

I consider this month a success. Repeating a $722.79 positive cash flow for 12 months results in $8673.48 for the whole year. That’s a +34.6% total account return, which is phenomenal, especially if it is done like this month with zero equity position risk.

At the same time the market was substantially up with the S&P500 Index now at +7.87% for the year. This is of course not sustainable and I don’t expect it to continue month after month.

Looking forward, we have 8 nice positions established at the moment at decent premiums and with good likelihood of bringing more profits. Volatility in the markets has gone down significantly, with the VIX now at 16.57 (January 31 Close). That, coupled with an earnings season that little by little comes to an end, will start making our plays less attractive as Options’ premiums will be lower. However, this VIX value is still not too bad for our purposes and nice opportunities can still be found.

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