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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Investing - 2018 results

This is my TFSA account (Canadian equivalent to a ROTH IRA in the US).
Results from previous years, both outperforming the TSX index, can be checked in the following links:
2017 Results   +7.96%
2016 Results   +24.53%

In 2018 the Canadian TSX index sucked. What a dog it has been for so many years now!
The index's performance was a pathetic -11.6%. That doesn't count dividends though. There is no ETF that tracks the TSX index. I usually go with XIU.TO as my benchmark which is the iShares S&P/TSX 60 ETF. With dividends included, XIU resulted in a -7.82% performance.

Because I am not a Canadian Permanent Resident anymore, I don't get to accumulate contribution room in the TFSA every year. I can only collect dividends, and buy/sell instruments with the money that is already in there. So, it will be interesting to see how this account will look in a decade of pure growth and no capital injections.

Here are the results:

2018 Starting Balance: $35,661.06
2018 Ending Balance: $33,121.27 

Performance: -7.12%

Slightly better than the XIU benchmark. Not that I'm happy with it, but at least it was not disastrous. The portfolio was under-performing for most of the year until the last two months.

Here's the portfolio at the end of the year (2018)

Dividends collected throughout 2018: $1,384.52

Changes in the Portfolio:

- Removed Great West (GWO.TO)

- Initiated position in Enbridge (ENB.TO)

- Added to Fortis (FTS.TO) and Royal Bank (RY.TO)

Going Forward:

I am fine holding all of the 11 names currently in the portfolio. In 2019 I'll just add to existing positions, probably Fortis, maybe Emera and some of the banks. It will all depend on valuations by each time I get to accumulate close to $500 in cash from dividends, which will happen 3 times throughout the year.

Thanks for reading!

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