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Monday, March 16, 2015

Trading Podcasts

The markets get closer and closer to my credit spread's boundary. Temporary losses start to pile up. I enter an order to close my position, ready to defend it with an adjustment later on. My order doesn't get filled. I chase the price of the spread, willing to pay a higher debit, no fill. Markets keep moving against me. Heart bumps faster, losses increase, I start to feel shortness of breath. No fills yet..."AAaaahhhhhhhhhhhh",.....a scream in the middle of the night. I wake up all sweaty and agitated. "Thank God it was just a nightmare!". Man, the markets are taking its toll on my psyche. Now I can't even stop thinking about them while I sleep. What the hell!

I've recently become addicted to listening to trading pod-casts during my free time. I used to work out listening to music. I used to watch TV and be focused. I used to write, work, cook, have marital relationships while listening to music or to nothing at all. But clearly it was not enough for me and I had to pick up some trading pod-casts, as if my hours connected to the financial markets were not enough. But I love this obsession.

Today, I want to share the trading pod-casts that have me addicted. You have been warned. You can start experiencing the same symptoms of this markets lunatic. But if you are more psychologically controlled than I am, you can learn a ton! for free from these awesome shows without suffering the side effects of being in sync with the markets at all times.

The Traders Podcast
Mostly focused on Forex and with a good doses of automated trading. This podcast is hilarious. Rob Booker is another lunatic with a great sense of humor and crazy ideas which he knows very well how to transmit to the listener. I went back to episode number one and listened to all of them in a matter of two weeks,....more than 300 episodes of fun entertaining cool stuff.

Trend Following Radio
With Michael Covel. Great show focused on long term trend following. Lots of guests, very interesting interviews. Episodes tend to be a little large, sometimes over the 40 minute mark.

Top Traders Unplugged
Pretty heavy stuff here. Pretty technical and deep. Lots of CTAs interviewed here. In fact this pod-cast has no solo shows, it's all based on interviews. Episodes here go beyond the hour!

The Option Alpha podcast
Another great one. The newest in the scene growing with strength. Lots of practical advice by the host combined with interviews to other traders. I had the honor of being interviewed on this one a while back as many of you know. Kirk's doing a great job there.

I love the fact that they are all about real successful traders. People who walk the talk. I love the variety of the guests, the details about their feelings, when winning, when losing. Their technique. Their money management business for those that have one. It's just awesome. These may disappear. Nothing lasts forever. But while they last, let's enjoy every minute of awesomeness that we have today thanks to them.

I know there are many more. But for now these ones keep me occupied. If you want to mention other pod-casts, feel free to share them in the comments section so that everyone can benefit.

The table's ready. Help yourself.

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  1. I enjoy The Option Alpha podcast. I really like to hear interviews with traders. I am a podcast junkie. I listen to at least 4 hours of podcasts on many topics from business to technology per day.

    1. Well, I have been converted to the dark side as well :)

  2. Don't forget "The Options Insider". They have about 12 or 13 different podcasts all focused on options. It has one show called "Options Bootcamp" that covcovers options for beginners from A to Z.

    1. Thanks for sharing with the readers! Looks like a nice resource!

    2. Thanks for the list of podcasts LT
      I also like Chat with Traders - every podcast is a new interview with a real trader discussing not only their success but how they got their start - what were their greatest challenges along the way, what is their trading style and their unique edge in the market. Very informative. And heads up to Option Alpha's podcast - where I am currently learning the most as a newbie.

    3. Thanks for sharing Toronto Trader.
      I have also heard about that one. Guess I'll have to check it out.