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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Investments in Crescent Point (CPG.TO) and Telus (T.TO)

The Canadian TSX index has been taking in on the chin lately and fell below its 100 Day Moving Average after more than 13 consecutive months trading above it. With this decline, it is understandable that most stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange have been going down as a school of fish.

Crescent Point Energy (CPG), a company where I initiated a position on September 6, 2014 has been really weak falling more than 10% this month alone. Here's the scary chart.

(Click on image to enlarge)

And here goes my money! Today I bought 39 additional shares at $39.40. The initial purchase earlier this month was for 35 shares at a price of $43.23. I now own 74 shares at an average cost of $42.2115 which produce $204.24 a year in the form of dividends.

Today I also increased my position in Telus Corporation by purchasing 38 shares at $39.40. Telus has been a nice investment so far. I initiated a position on October 3, 2013 when I bought 45 shares at $33.60. Almost a year later Telus is priced at $39.40 (a +17.26% return in terms of capital appreciation). In addition to that, along the way Telus has paid me dividends 3 times, increasing the total return to +20.54%. Great year for Telus shareholders! The fourth dividend payment is due next week. With my new purchase I now own 83 shares of Telus.

My projected yearly income from dividends alone is now $1329.86 CAD plus $409.28 USD. Not too shabby.

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