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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Robots or Humans in trading?

Nowadays, there is a huge trading volume that belongs to automated trading. Make no mistake, I'm not talking about $97 Forex Expert Advisors (EA). There is this blog I follow TopDogTrading that started a poll a few days ago.

More than the results of the poll, what I found interesting were the comments of Barry Burns in his blogpost, from which I am extracting two valuable paragraphs:
- Major companies that trade massive amounts of money do use trading programs, and often use them to a great extent. With the tremendous resources they have at hand, both in the area of talent and capital invested in creating such trading programs, it must be acknowledged that algorithmic trading has a tremendous amount of validity.

- On the other hand, most amateur traders who buy trading robots are not successful with them. Such robots are not to be compared to the programs that professionals use. Therefore to say that you should use a robot because the professionals do, is not a completely valid point.
I think this says a lot.

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