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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Forex brokers with the best spreads

This is a tough question and I think there is no absolute answer. However, as usual, going to an apparently neutral source seems to be the best bet. And of course, don't believe in anyone's sales pages or crappy paid reviews based website.

I always wanted to find a page where I could have all or at least some of the forex broker spreads live! in real time. I just found it here

Get in there. If you are asked for your email address, use your fake one. You should have a fake one in this life pal!!! Otherwise you will be spammed forever!! with the latest fad pennystock, or lotion for hair restoration. Just enter an email address an enjoy.

Now, one note: These brokers have different account types. So for example the fact that you see Alpari-Uk always in the best spots doesn't mean you should run to their arms. Because what is being reflected there are the spreads for the professional/institutional account. ($50 000 or more).

So, have this link on your side and use it to your advantage. And always do your homework before opening an account, try to find out the different account types each broker offers and how they differ from the values being showed on the link I just shared.

Go to the bottom of this page in order to see the Legal Stuff

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