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Friday, February 11, 2011

ADX Power Forex System

The ADX Power, does it really work? - Hello folks, I hope you all had a good trading week, or a good learning week if that's the case. Even if you had a bad trading week, but a good learning week, overall you are in good steps. :p Well, unless you have literally lost your ass in terms of money, in which case yes, you have the right to feel miserable. Now down To Business. I felt some curiosity for the ADX Power System a while back. You can check it out explained here and here

For all you guys out there willing to paper trade this system for 6 months in order to draw conclusions, or for anybody already using this system as part of his/her arsenal, here you are, my contribution for the community. Since the strategy is distributed for free, and openly discussed out there in different websites, I felt it was no sin to try and automate it. And since I'm an honest, and charitable soul, my convictions wouldn't allow me to sell a black box based on somebody else's ideas. (Damn that was a solid speech, maybe I should consider running for president)

All right, enough BS. I automated this system using the MQL4 language. And after that I back tested it. These were the results using the EUR/USD pair, on the 4 hour time frame from January 1, 2008, to December 31, 2010. That's 3 years.

Click on Image To Enlarge

Click on Image To Enlarge

I am attaching the code at the end of the article, compiled Expert Advisor (.ex4) and the source code (.mq4). I am releasing this project under the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License. Do whatever you want with it!!

That's it! That's all you can expect from this system. Looks decent at first sight when you analyze the strategy, but I frankly wouldn't trade with it. Would you?

Download Expert Advisor

Download Source Code

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  1. I liked reading your blog. I live in Brazil now. I also lived in California for many years and got a lot of education. But when it comes to trading, education is of little use. I traded options, futures, and now forex. I lost money, but this year I've earned a living trading full time (all automated trading). You seem very genuine and honest in writing your trading experiences. I'd like to discuss a few good things with you if you'll send me your email or skype. My email is joaobucks(at)yahoo(dot)com. Skype: joaobux

  2. Thanks for you kind words buddy. Sure we can discuss any time, that's the purpose of all this. Please, do shoot me an email at henrik.santander at gmail dot com.