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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How to start paper trading?

There are certainly many ways to start paper trading for free. However, very few places will allow you to analyze complicated positions combining options the way ThinkOrSwim does. The ThinkOrSwim platform has been consistently rated among the very best of the brokerage industry for several years in a row, and it is a tool suited for options traders (although you can also trade Forex and stocks). One of the sweetest things about this software is that it is provided for free for you to practice all the time you want! That's incredible and it says a lot about the confidence this guys have on their product.

So, a very easy, educative and cheap way to start paper trading is by going to and then go to "Software --> Paper Trading - Paper money" so you can create your virtual account and download the software package. Install the package on your PC and log in using the account credentials you just created on their web site. If you live in Canada then you can go and do similar. On their website you can also go "Software --> Desktop - thinkDesktop", that's just another way to download the software and create your account. Once set up, you can go to the help tab, or alternatively the learning center at and start watching the video tutorials on how to use this powerful tool.

So that's it!! A free way to start learning and practicing with one of the most powerful tools nowadays!

Have fun!

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