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Trading Competition

Results at the end of June

What is this all about? 
Five traders/bloggers engage in a friendly Trading Competition. Sticking their necks out. Walking the talk. To know how it all started and why we do this, feel free to read the introductory article: Trading Competition: Looking for the Chosen One.

How is this Trading Contest different? Why do you claim it is better than any other out there?
To start off, the competition encompasses an entire year, rather than the typical one-month only contest. This way, readers have a much better idea about different trading philosophies and the variety of challenges faced throughout a longer, more significant period of exposure to the markets.

We are also advocates for responsible, sustainable techniques to grow your wealth. With this in mind, we rank participants not only based on Returns, but also other metrics like draw-downs, capital exposure, etc, so that the winner inevitably has to use sound principles and solid risk management techniques.

Is there a way to know how exactly this competition points are calculated?
Yes. For exact details on how points are calculated per aspect, feel free to consult the Points Calculation guide.

How can I have access to each participant's website?
Simply click on the participant name on that first column and you will get redirected to his website. Otherwise simply click the below links:

Aram      -
Dan        -
Hector    -
Jonathan - Create Monthly Income Fund

Follow ups:
Trading Competition Update (June 30)